The Ocean Life Foundation

The Ocean Life Foundation (“OLF”) was founded in 2020 and brings together a dynamic group of globally-recognized experts in marine engineering, coral sciences, project management, financing and philanthropy.


Our primary objective is to provide funding for developing new methods and new technologies for protecting and restoring healthy oceans around the world, protecting marine eco-systems, improving water quality and reducing carbon emissions. 


We work with:

  • Entrepreneurs, helping them to develop their ideas right from the drawing board and propel them towards realising their dreams,

  • Start-up companies needing capital and support to deploy pilot projects,

  • Researchers and academia developing step change ideas to protect the marine environment by developing concepts that are aimed at harmoniously working with nature

  • NGOs that require funding and support that is challenging for them to obtain via their established channels.

One of our areas of focus is to provide funding for research and development of all aspects and components of Mineral Accretion Technology (“MAT”), a process of growing limestone in seawater using low-voltage electrolysis. 

The primary application of MAT over the past 40 years has been in the restoration of coral reefs, with MAT having shown to increase growth rates of corals 3 – 4x.


However, insufficient scientific research has been conducted to understand the long-term benefits of MAT in view of climate change stresses and diseases.  There are other possible applications of MAT in aqua-culture, coastal defenses and beach erosion prevention that may yield great potential commercial applications.

MAT requires reliable cost-effective renewable energy systems to provide the necessary electrical power.  OLF aims to foster the development of reliable renewable energy systems for MAT so that it leads to significantly lower project cost and engenders industrial-scale restoration and regeneration of coral reef formations globally. 

With the objective of furthering the development of MAT applications, OLF wil focus on opportunities that provide sustainable innovation within one or more of the following sectors:

Although the advancement of MAT is our primary objective, the foundation will develop and participate in other projects that have at their core the protection and restoration of ocean life and ocean health.  

Learn more about Mineral Accretion Technology here

For further in-depth reading, there are a number of detailed papers on MAT and its potential application in the Downloads & Links section.

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