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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building on the new.“ - Socrates (470-399 BC)

Downloads - ​Papers & Presentations

  • White Paper -  Commercial Prospects to Combat Ocean Acidification. Dan Millison, Sustainable Energy Technology Consultant / ADB SDCC Energy Sector Group. Developed from a presentation at the Regional Workshop on Blue Economy, Disaster Risk Financing and Ocean Infrastructure, Fiji, 1 May 2019.

  • Project Ruvuma - The Ocean Life Foundation is proposing to relocate up to 2,500 hectares of corals prior to being destroyed by two new LNG facilities being built in Northern Mozambique

  • Great Barrier Reef - Outlook Report 2019. The 2019 report is the third comprehensive report in the series, and identifies the Great Barrier Reef Region still faces significant pressures ranging in scale from local to global. The report finds the greatest threat to the Reef is still climate change

  • Carbon Footprint Of Scottish Suspended Mussels And Intertidal Oysters.  The Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum has published a study on Scottish produced suspended mussels and intertidal oysters.  The study considered the cradle-to-gate impacts of the shellfish, from spat collection in the case of mussels, and hatching in the case of oysters, through  growing, harvesting, depuration, and packing ready for dispatch.


  • - Swiss non-profit organization that is dedicated to the mission of protecting and restoring healthy oceans around the world

  • Biorock™ - Dr. Wolf Hilbertz was the original inventor of Mineral Accretion Technology

  • Reef Ecologic - Australian non-profit organization that specialises in providing expert advice to design and implement innovative solutions to environmental challenges facing tropical marine ecosystems and the people who love and depend upon them

  • Mission Blue - Mission Blue inspires action to explore and protect the ocean

  • Coral Reef Alliance - US non-profit, environmental NGO that is on a mission to save the world’s coral reefs

  • United Nations - The 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world:

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