Our Mission

The Ocean Life Foundation’s primary mission is  to enable the research and development of innovative "net-zero" carbon & GHG footprint technologies and methodologies that can be deployed on an industrial scale for the preservation, protection and restoration of ocean health.

Our primary focus is on the application of Mineral Accretion Technology ("MAT") for:

  • Coral reef protection;

  • Coral reef restoration;

  • Marine aqua-culture;

  • Coastal defense; 

  • Beach erosion prevention; and

  • Sustainably growing limestone building materials.

The Ocean Life Foundation provides grants, debt & equity financing, on a "case-by-case" basis, for projects and companies that meet the foundation’s strict mission requirements. 


Any "return-on-investment" remains with the foundation and is invested in new opportunities, to create a "self-sustaining endeavor" for continued investment in additional MAT projects around the world.

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