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We work with experts around the world in developing, planning, preparing and executing projects that preserve, protect and restore ocean health 

Partners is a Swiss-based environmental organization, passionate for the ocean, operating worldwide to help protect, manage and restore coastal ecosystems.


As in nature, diversity and synergy are key in creating a healthy environment, hence our team represents diverse backgrounds of experience and expertise to provide the multi-faceted services we offer.

Coralive supports OLF projects with their years of experience in implementing Mineral Accretion Technology projects around the world. project in The Maldives

Corals are grown using Mineral Accretion Technology on nursery tables before being transplanted onto the reef 

BlueNomads Survey Philippines is a Social Enterprise.  They apply Commercial Strategies to Support non-profit Marine Research & Conservation.

Bluenomads supports OLF projects with scanning and analysing the coral reefs.

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