• Harald van Hoeken

Ocean Life Foundation presentation at ACEF2020

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Today, Harald van Hoeken, COO of OLF, presented the concept of the "Engineered Living Breakwater" ("ELB") at the Asian Development Bank's annual Asia Clean Energy Forum 2020.

Climate change is threatening coasts globally due to sea level rise as well as coral reefs dying. Current methods for coastal protection using either sand, rock or concrete are costly and have a high carbon footprint. In moving towards a global carbon-neutral or carbon-negative society, new methods of coastal defences will be required. The ELB works with nature and is the lowest carbon footprint and lowest cost option for coastal protection, beach restoration and beach erosion control. An additional positive benefit of the ELB is that it fosters biodiversity and establishes a new marine eco-system.

ACEF2020 has uploaded a recording of the theme track to YouTube and is available here; the OLF presentation starts at 40:00; you can also download the presentation here;

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